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pushing a chest freezer home on a dolly

with one comment needed a way to transport a new freezer home from Costco, and decided to push it the 2 miles home on a dolly. Fortunately, Harbor Freight had a 1000 pound rated piano dolly for $17, plenty strong enough to hold the 100 pound freezer. I removed the slippery rug material, and replaced it with rubber from an old truck tire innertube, glued down with wood cement.

I was nervous about a wheel breaking and being stuck 1/2 way home with the freezer, but all went well. I wore my running togs, and a Costco guy helped me to move the freezer to my dolly, after having me sign a waiver to not sue them if the freezer fell off the dolly on the freeway. There was not much chance of that happening.

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