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pushing a chest freezer home on a dolly

with one comment needed a way to transport a new freezer home from Costco, and decided to push it the 2 miles home on a dolly. Fortunately, Harbor Freight had a 1000 pound rated piano dolly for $17, plenty strong enough to hold the 100 pound freezer. I removed the slippery rug material, and replaced it with rubber from an old truck tire innertube, glued down with wood cement.

I was nervous about a wheel breaking and being stuck 1/2 way home with the freezer, but all went well. I wore my running togs, and a Costco guy helped me to move the freezer to my dolly, after having me sign a waiver to not sue them if the freezer fell off the dolly on the freeway. There was not much chance of that happening.

I waited for cars to pass, made my way out of the parking lot and 1/2 way across the street, when a harried driver came whizzing around the corner aiming right at me. I stopped in the middle of the street as the car whizzed past, then proceeded, the dolly wheels clunking hard on the other side at the edge of a driveway. I quickly learned to stop and lift a front wheel over the edge, which was easy to do, but the freezer had shifted part way off the dolly and was leaning to the side. It took a minute to get the freezer back on center and all was well from then on.

Half way home a nice black man waited for me to cross the street. I motioned him on, and he motioned me on, so I went ahead and waved thanks. I got a lot of curious looks and friendly smiles while pushing the freezer along. My goal was to get the freezer home the 2 miles in an hour, and I made it in 34 minutes. Now I am inspired to use the dolly to move things.


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  1. I like that :), (or rather, those bits I could easily read). I am color blind (deuteranopia to be precise). I mostly use Opera browser (no idea if that makes a difference), and a lot of your site is hard for me to read. I know it is my problem to deal with, in truth, but it would be great if you could take into account color blind visitors while carrying out your next site re-working.

    cp brakewell

    February 22, 2010 at 8:43 am

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