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running with a metronome

leave a comment »’ve been running with my Korg ma30 metronome this past week and it’s great. The metronome helps me to run at a very even stride rate, pace and effort. I carry the metronome in my hand while I’m running. It is very light and easy to carry. I started at 144 spm (48 beeps) on Sep06.

This morning I ran 4x a quarter mile at free rate to see what my cadence would be, by split timing several sets of 60 strides (3 steps x 20). My average stride rate was 160.5, with an average stride length 25 percent longer than it was at 150.

Update 12/01/11
I’ve not been checking the strides per minute (cadence) for a long time due to mostly running on dirt and cross country courses. However I’m planning to do this again soon. This time I will focus on getting the rate as high as possible for given times or distances, which I feel will help the relaxation and coordination of my stride.


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